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Apples... pure and simple

"Wolf River" Apples

pie apples, Wolf River apples

Looking for the perfect pie apple?  Wolf River is the apple of choice!  These very large apples keep their shape and have just the right amount of sweetness making them ideal for baking.  They are also the best choice for smooth, creamy apple butter.  These heritage apples from the oldest trees in the orchard tend to be biennial and this season is sure to bring a bountiful harvest!

"Red Delicious" apples

Red Delicious apples

Red Delicious, a sweet, mild apple probably one of the best known apples, great for fresh eating and in salads.

"Empire" apples

Empire apples, organic apples

Empire’s crisp flesh and sweet tart flavor (thanks to classic old North American parents – Red Delicious and McIntosh) make them ideal for fresh eating as well as baking.  Try them chopped in chicken salad or coleslaw.  They also pair well with sharp cheeses and warm spices.  Resistant to bruising, Empire is the perfect “lunch box” apple!

"Williams Pride"

Williams Pride apples, organic apples, apple pie apples

Williams’ Pride is a dark red, crisp apple with a  slightly tart flavor.   Very juicy, ideal for fresh eating and baking.  Use them to give a nice pink tinge to your applesauce! 

Taste and See the difference...

Chemical free and nutrient-dense.

Apples available in 1/4 and 1/2 peck bags 


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Apple Products

2-Step Apple Crisp

apple crisp, baked apples

Nothing says autumn in New England like the smell of apples baking on a crisp fall day!  This 2-step apple crisp will make an easy delicious ending to any fall meal.  All you need to supply is the butter and the rest is “in the bag.”

Includes 4 "Wolf River" apples and apple crisp topping mix,


Cold-Pressed Cider

apple cider, organic, cold-pressed, unpasteurized


100% Juice from "better than organic" apples

No preservatives

No additives

Freshly cold-pressed from hand-picked varietal apples

$11/half gallon (includes $6 bottle deposit)

Our Orchard Management Practices

Working with Nature, not against it...

We engage in holistic management practices by choosing to work with Nature and not against it. We choose not to use chemicals for pest- and weed-control. Our orchard spray consists of pure neem oil and seaweed extract along with other natural products that boost the trees’ own defenses to help maintain a healthy orchard. Our management practices go beyond what is considered organic. As a result, our apples might be considered slightly less than “perfect” in appearance but they are perfectly nutrient-dense and free of harmful chemicals – just as Nature intended.

Wolf River - a heritage apple tree
Wolf River - a heritage apple tree